Advance Your Strength & Conditioning Career

March 16 – 17, 2024 | Mumbai, India | 2.0 CEUs Category A

India’s First Global Strength & Conditioning and Sport Science Conference


Join hundreds of Strength & Conditioning professionals and all who support them at the world’s premier gathering of the strength & conditioning industry: 9th NSCA Global Conference on March 16-17 2024 in Mumbai, India. This hands-on, educational gathering is filled with professional development opportunities, including your chance to:

»     Stay on the leading edge of research, training techniques, and best practices, presented by the trusted source in strength & conditioning

»     Network and connect with experts, leaders, administrators, and researchers from various organizations and institutions of Indian sport eco-system

»     Explore new career opportunities in this rapidly expanding field and earn 2.0 CEUs in the 2024-2026 NSCA recertification cycle



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Dr Brent Alvar , NSCA President


Dr Brent is a professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Kinesiology at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. He has been a member of the NSCA since 1996 and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Distinction, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator with Distinction and recognized as an NSCA Fellow. He began his career as a Personal Trainer/Strength Coach working with the general population, various clinical populations, as well as developing collegiate Sports Performance and Tactical Strength and Conditioning Programs. In addition, he has been instrumental in developing many college and university academic programs in the area of Sports and Tactical Strength and Conditioning, including programs from the Associate’s level to the PhD. His research focus is in the area of Dose-Response of Resistance Training as well as the various components of Exercise Testing and Prescription related to Human Performance and Occupational Preparedness. Dr. Alvar has over 50 published papers and book chapters as well as over 75 invited research and professional presentations both nationally and internationally.

Coach Ian Jeffreys , NSCA President-Elect


Coach Ian is an internationally renowned and award-winning coach, educator, and author. A former professional rugby player and international coach, he is regarded as a world authority in the development of speed and agility for team sports where his Gamespeed system and RAMP warm-ups have significantly impacted practice around the world. He is an Emeritus Professor in strength and conditioning and a visiting professor at a number of international institutions and, through his company, All-Pro Performance, delivers education programs in a number of countries. In 2021, he was awarded a career achievement award by the Strength and Conditioning Society. Jeffreys has authored/edited 11 books, over 25 book chapters, and over 90 peer-reviewed strength and conditioning articles. He is the Editor of Professional Strength and Conditioning and is on the Editorial Board for the NSCA’s Strength and Conditioning Journal and the Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning. He is a much sought-after conference presenter, having delivered talks and workshops in over 20 countries.

Dr. Apurva Mathankar , International Coordinator for NSCA GC, India


Dr Apurva Mathankar is Education-Director of NSCA Global Chapter, India and International Coordinator of India for NSCA, USA to facilitate efforts between two organizations. Dr. Apurva is one of the pioneer physiotherapists In India, who gives a blend to physiotherapy treatment with strength and conditioning principles in Return-to-Performance (RTP) aspects of athlete’s injury management journey. She have vivid interest in research and evidence based literature development in Indian sports context, and have published various research in Indian and International journals.

She have a vision of building a strong and inclusive strength and conditioning community in India.

Mr Christopher Pedra, HoD Sport Medicine, Reliance Foundation Hospital

Reliance Foundation Hospital

(MPhil, BSc Physiotherapy, CSCS)

Mr Chris working with athletes and patients across the spectrum from last 18 years, from weekend warriors to those at the elite/Olympic level. His approach is guided by broad global experience across multiple sports, including football, cricket, tennis, golf, badminton and rugby at the professional level. He believes that the simplest solutions are often the best. Chris has an interest in teaching, and is actively involved in research as well as clinical practice. His clinical areas of interest include running, golf, football and badminton injury prevention; Rehabilitation after ACL injury or reconstruction; Post-exercise recovery; Load management

Mr. Caleb Linn , HoD Sport Science Gopichand Badminton Academy

Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy

(Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Nutrition, CSCS)

Coach Caleb is head of Strength and Conditioning for Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy and consult for multiple other sports. He have 12 years of experience in professional sport S&C, rehab, return to sport, nutrition coaching, and behavior change psychology. Coach Caleb have worked for various professional sports like badminton, kabbadi, tennis, swimming, and USA Division 1 baseball, and have a passion for creating a practical and systematic approach that produces consistent results with a backbone of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology. His greatest passion is to educate and empower coaches, trainers, athletes, and individuals to have the base knowledge of how to manage themselves and approach performance.

Radha Krishnaswamy , Ex-S&C Coach Indian Women Cricket Team

Radha Krishnaswamy is well known name in Indian Strength & Conditioning community. She is elite S&C coach, and was part of Indian Women Cricket World Cup team England 2017. Radha is Strength & Conditioning coach certified by NSCA in 1998 (CSCS), Certified Personal Trainer by ACE in 2006. She was Reebok master trainer from 1996-2015, and was conducting workshops and certification courses for group trainers and personal trainers.


Radha is an avid runner with full Marathon gold medallist at Mumbai and won half marathon gold twice at Delhi and 10k gold medal at Bangalore, Junior National Champion Athletics and Senior Women Silver Medallist.

Mr Nagendra Prasad , S&C Coach Mumbai Indians, IPL

Nagi currently working as Strength and Conditioning Coach for Mumbai Indians, one of the top team in Indian Premier League (IPL). He has worked with various organizations like RCB, National Cricket Academy (NCA), KSCA, Bangalore etc during his illustrious career.


Nagi have 20+ years of experience in Sports Performance Training and Athletics Management ensuring optimal care and conditioning for Professional Athletes to perform at their peak potential. As a Professional S&C Coach and a former top level athlete in the early years, he possess the knowledge, skills and abilities for safe and effective exercise and fitness program design, instruction and assistance for the purpose of reaching personal health and fitness goals of athletes of all sporting discipline.


Nagi’s expertise lies in delivering performance enhancement programs to athletes by using yoga and strength training methods, tailored to the demands of their sport and integrated into their training in an easy, sustainable and enjoyable way. Using these holistic principles he have been successful in training elite athletes in the field of cricket, golf, tennis, badminton and swimming

Mr Ranadeep Moitra , Founder - Endorphins Exercise Studio

Ranadeep Moitra is India’s first CSCS certified S & C coach way back in 2005. He worked as an Additional Fitness trainer with the Indian cricket team during the reign of Sourav Ganguly during the period 2004/05. Thereafter he served with the Kingfisher East Bengal  Football team 2005/06 before being Head S&C, Indian Football Academy 2006-2010. Between 2010 and 2018, he was associated with the Asian Games Indian Amatuer Golf Squad as a Golf Bio Mechanist.

Very recently, he served in a panel with the National Cricket team selectors to choose the Head S & C for the Indian cricket team. Ranadeep lives and works in Calcutta where he runs 3 branches of a Corrective Exercise Studio, ENDORPHINS.

Dr. Samuel Pullinger, HoD Sport Science, Inspire Institute of Sports (IIS)

Dr Samuel, is an accredited Sports and Exercise Scientist with the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences (BASES) and a Chartered Scientist (CSci). Samuel holds a BSc. (hons) in Sport Science, an MSc. In Sports Physiology and a PhD in Exercise Physiology from Liverpool John Moores University and has more than ten years of experience working with elite Junior and Senior athletes across a range of sports. He previously worked at Aspire Academy in Doha, Qatar, one of the world’s leading sports academies in the development of youth athletes.

Dr Samuel is keen to create an interdisciplinary sport science team to maintain an integrated, efficient and effective delivery of sports science and sports medicine to all elite athletes and coaches. In addition, he wants to promote world leading innovation and applied research aligned to the Institute. Samuel has full or part authorship in more than 40 international peer-reviewed journals and two book chapters and has been invited to present at international conferences and sports federations on a range of topics, such as sleep, travel and environmental factors affecting performance.


Mr James Ferris, CSCS, Basketball Coach

Jim Ferris is a Philadelphia based S7C Coach whose clientele includes professional athletes, local teams, everyday fitness enthusiasts, and maybe a celebrity or two depending on who is in town.  Jim is known for his work in the basketball community from training with the Philadelphia 76ers for many years and training several NBA players that live their offseason in the Philadelphia area. Jim’s expertise in the training field, along with his dynamic and creative training style keeps players, coaches and clients coming back year after year. Coach Jim is having a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from West Chester University, USA


Mr Anand Date, S&C Coach - Indian Sr Women's Cricket Team

Coach Anand currently working as Lead S&C coach for Indian Women’s cricket team and S&C coach at National Cricket Academy (NCA). He have more than 13 years of experience as a Strength and Conditioning coach, and trained Elite level and professional cricket athletes. Previously worked with National Men’s cricket team, Indian U19 boys cricket team, and India A Cricket team. Mr Anand have special interest in areas like Speed training for field sports, growth, maturation and injury mitigations in young athletes. Coach Anand currently pursuing his PhD at Cardiff Metropolitan University, USA


Dr Saju Joseph, Former High Performance Director: SAI, Bangalore

Dr Joseph is a veteran in the Sport Performance industry with almost 3 decades of experience. He has worked with various national teams and national level sports persons both in Malaysia and in India. Worked with various national level sportspersons both able bodied and disabled athletes in analysing and improving their performance and also minimize the cause of injuries.

His area of Interest & Specialization Sports biomechanics, Conditioning, Field Hockey, Cricket, Swimming, Running gait analysis. Dr Saju has published more than 30 research papers in various local and international journals.


Mr. Soham Desai, Lead S&C Coach, Indian Cricket Senior Men’s Team

Coach Soham currently serving as Lead Strength and Conditioning coach of Indian Cricket Senior men’s team. He has experience of almost 10 years as S&C coach at various levels in the Indian cricket eco-system.


Coach Soham has done his masters in Performance Coaching, and various certifications in the field of strength and conditioning. He likes to travel and trek, to new locations for exploring various global locations.


Dr Silvano Zanuso, Director - Technogym Scientific Research & Communication

Dr. Silvano Zanuso is Scientific Research & Communication Director at Technogym and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Edith Cowan University in Perth (AU). Dr. Silvano’s primary scientific and research interest is on the effects of physical activity and exercise in those with metabolic disorders, and he publishes regularly on this and other topics in recognized scientific and clinical journals. Dr. Silvano has been a consultant for health promotion for different governments and public institutions, and he has held conferences and educational programs in more than twenty countries. 

 Dr. Silvano has been Visiting Professor at the following Universities: Università di Padova; Universidad Europea de Madrid, University of Greenwich, Coventry University. He is now Adjunct Associate Professor at the Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia.


Mr A. I. Harrsha, S&C Coach National Cricket Academy (NCA)

Coach Harrsha is currently working as Performance Coach, Strength & Conditioning, at the National Cricket Academy under BCCI. This unique role seamlessly blends academic intricacies with pragmatic applications, cultivating a nuanced and holistic perspective. Harrsha’s professional trajectory includes a pivotal role as the Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for RCB IPL (2018 & 2019).

 Coach Harrsha merges elite academic knowledge with hands-on experience in optimizing athletic performance, providing an unparalleled approach in the realm of strength and conditioning.


Dr Nakul Kumar, S&C Coach Self-Employed

Dr Nakul Tumkur Anil Kumar is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with a background in Sport and Exercise Science and a PhD in Paediatric Strength and Conditioning, from Cardiff Metropolitan University’s School of Sport and Health Sciences, in the United Kingdom.

His research interests revolve around youth athletic development, specifically around the interaction of resistance-training, growth and maturation.

 He has worked with a wide range of recreational, semi-professional and professional athletes from the youth academy levels to the senior levels in several sports including Tennis, Rugby, Football, Basketball and Jiu-Jitsu.



Dr Sahana Gopal, S&C Coach British Diving Team

Sahana Gopal is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at British Diving and is the CEO of UNRACK, a manufacturer of high quality barbells and accessories, with a vision to elevate the high performance training environment in India. She holds a PhD in Biomedical Science and Engineering from Imperial College London.

 She has worked on the elite performance program for British Diving since 2018, contributing to Gold medal winning performances at the Tokyo Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth and European Championships, now gearing up for the Paris Olympics.


Dr Marcus Ranney, Founder & CEO Human Edge

Dr Ranney works at the forefront of longevity sciences, spearheading Human Edge, an investor-backed digital health venture focused on leveraging blood and digital biomarkers to create a personalized and bio-individual longevity protocol for patients. As a Guinness World Record holder for backward running, best-selling author (‘At The Human Edge’), and board member of the International Coaching Federation, his mission is clear: to help people live healthier, for longer using science.

 As a Longevity Physician dedicated to overwhelmed high-performers and CXOs, Dr Marcus Ranney has spent over two decades forging a transformative path in healthcare. From a medical officer in the Royal Air Force to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Dr Ranney’s career has been a pursuit of excellence. The core of Dr Ranney’s work involves hacking the human operating system for longevity, utilizing the power of biomarkers. The human operating system is getting a new software upgrade, and his brainchild, Human Edge, is leading the charge.”

& Many More Global Subject Mater Experts……..

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